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Euroroute R1
Saint Petersburg


Guesthouse Demyansk
phone: 0049 157 72171745
(en, ru, ge)
phone: 007 981 7512471 (ru)
servicepoint.demyansk@gmail.com (englisch, russian, german)

Location and directions




Servicepoint for long-distance

bikers in Demyansk

The Guesthouse Demyansk offers a pick-up and drop-off service for cyclists and their bikes.
The partly hilly, 93-kilometer stretch between Staraja Russa and Demyansk and the 61-kilometer, partly sandy section from Demyansk to Lake Seliger can be made bearable.
Located in the center of Demyansk, the following services are offered:

Overnight stay
One person 20 € per night - two people 30 € per night.
Cyclist groups also find accommodation here, for example five cyclists for 70 euros. Included in the price is the kitchen (coffee and tea and accessories are free). A supermarket open until late in the evening is located in the immediate vicinity of the guest house.

Bicycle accommodation and cleaning
A secure housing of the wheels is guaranteed and there are appropriate cleaning utensils (hot water, detergent, various brushes and towels).

Laundry service for clothes
The guest house has a washing machine and space to dry the laundry.
The contribution is 5 Euro for up to two cyclists.

Pickup and delivery service* from / to Zaluche
We pick you up and your bikes from Zaluche or take you there.
Price for 1 to 2 persons with bike for overnight stay in guest house Demyansk: 35 Euro.

Bring and pick-up service* from / to Svapushhe (Lake Seliger)
We bring you and your bikes from Demyansk to Lake Seliger (about 60 km, of which 30 km of dirt road) or pick you up from there.
Price for 1 to 2 persons with bike for overnight stay in Guesthouse Demyansk: 45 Euro.

Transport service* between Zaluche and Svapushhe (without overnight in Guesthouse Demyansk)
We transport you and your wheels between Zaluche and Svapushhe (Lake Seliger).
Price for 1 to 2 people with bike: 90 Euro.

* Transport requests require prior agreement (at least two days in advance, preferably by e-mail).

More services
Please contact us if you have further wishes.

(Prices: as of November 2019)

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