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Euroroute R1


Elena Antipova
phone: 007 921 104 3075*
*Non-EU tariff!
gidvkaliningrade@mail.ru (english, german)

We look forward to your inquiry and your visit to Kaliningrad!




The English and German language

Serviceteam Kaliningrad

Elena Antipova and her team support long-distance cyclists during their stay in the Kaliningrad area and in the city of Kaliningrad.

Your personal city tour in Kaliningrad
A four-hour tour to the historic locations of the old Königsberg - with a certified tour guide.
80 € for up to four people.

A free city tour with a hobby historian
(in not always perfect English).

Your personal city tour by car or minivan
A three-hour tour of the historical places.
20 € per hour by car, 25 € by minivan.

A dinner with a Russian family.
You will experience the hospitality and typical dishes of the country. 15 € per person, plus alcoholic beverages.

Your day tour (six hours) in the Kaliningrad region
We organize day tours according to your wishes and accompany you by car, for example on the Curonian Spit, to Sovetsk/Tilsit, in the Rominter Heide or on the Amber Coast.
20 € per hour by car, 25 € by minivan.

Our pick-up and drop-off service for you and your bikes ∙ between Mamonovo on the Polish-Russian border and the city of Kaliningrad (50 €*),
∙ between Kaliningrad (city) and Svetlogorsk/Rauschen on the Baltic Sea coast (30 €*),
∙ between Kaliningrad (city) and Selenogradsk/Cranz at the Curonian Spit (20 €*).
* Price for 1 to 2 persons with Bicycle.

In case of problems with the bicycle repair service
We will take you and your bike to the best bike mechanic in town.
Price according to effort.

Other Services
Please contact us if you have any further questions.
We are happy to support you, for example with individual excursions in the Kaliningrad area (also in the Restricted Areas) or with finding accommodation.

Notes: Our Team is also relatively flexible for short-term requests. However, we recommend the prior appointment, especially in the summer months.

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