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Euroroute R1
Saint Petersburg


Hotel "Osobnyak na
Karl Marksa"
, Staritsa
phone: 007 925 5896006
(en, ru)
phone: 007 925 5180071 (ru)
servicepoint.staritsa@gmail.com (englisch, russian, geman)

Location and directions





Servicepoint for long-distance

bikers in Staritsa

Our "Osobnyak na Karl Marksa Hotel" in Staritsa offers accommodation and amenities of a first-class hotel with restaurant, pick-up and drop-off service and a guided tour of the historic town.
In Staritsa, directly on the Euroroute R1, we offer the following services:

The Overnight
One night with rich breakfast for one person 29 - for two persons 36 €.
Also cyclist groups are welcome.

Bicycle storage and cleaning
Your wheels are safely housed. A bicycle wash is possible.

Our laundry service for clothes
For 10 euros per person we wash and dry your clothes until the next day.

Our sauna
The hotel's sauna invites you to relax and unwind.
Here you can recharge your batteries for the way to Moscow.

Dinner at the hotel
The hotel's good restaurant also serves Russian cuisine and local drinks.

The lunch packet
For 7 euros per cyclist you will receive a rich lunch box for your next tour section.

Our pick-up and delivery service*
The stage from Torzhok to Staritsa is 111 km for some cyclists a bit far. We like to pick you up and your wheels from the road. This service is possible by prior arrangement and costs 80 euros for up to two people.

An individual or guided* city tour
Staritsa is known for its location on the Volga. There are many historic buildings here and the Holy Assumption Monastery, which is well known far beyond the country's borders.
At the reception you will receive information material and a map for an individual visit. We are happy to organize you by prior arrangement a (English or German) guide. This service costs about 50 euros.

* These services require prior agreement (at least two days in advance).

More services
Please contact us if you have further wishes.

(Prices: as of November 2019)

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