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Euroroute  R1
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In Belgium (97 km)

Euroroute R1 Belgium

leads from the French border close to Oost-Cappel through West Flanders to the Dutch border at Sluis.

In the beginning, the road is a little apart from the shore from Yser/IJzer, but later it goes along and leads to Diksmuide. Shortly after it, following a causeway, you reach the coastal Nieuwpoort. The next goals starting from here are situated along the channels: Oudenburg, Brugge/Bruges, Damme and then the Dutch border at Sluis.

The highlight along the Belgian route is without a doubt the town Brugge/Bruges which is a UNESCO world heritage town with its historical town center. However, the coastal Nieuwpoort, the historical Damme and the close Diksmuide which was a battleground in World War I, with its war cemeteries, monuments and further relics from this time, are also worth visiting. As well as the route on the Curonian Spit in Lithuania, the 16 kilometers long channel passage along the Damse Vaart between Brugge/Bruges, Damme and the Dutch border, it is considered to be one of the best parts of the Euroroute R1.

The road in Belgium follows the traditional route of LF1 as it existed until 2003 and which is no more signposted. The LF1 was moved several times after 2003 which resulted in the "LF1 Noordzee-Vlaanderen Fietsroute", the "LF1 Noordzeeroute" and the "Kust Fietsroute LF1a/b". These new roads do not lead through Brugge/Bruges anymore.

The residential streets, economy and coastal roads along the Euroroute R1 in Belgium score with little traffic and good or very good quality.
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