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The Euroroute R1 in Leningrad Oblast (Area) / Russia (173 kilometers)

Euroroute R1 Russia - Leningrad Oblast

leads from border village Ивангород/Iwangorod along the Europe route E20 to Кингисепп/Kingisepp and from there over Петергоф/Peterhof to the general post office next to the Isaak-Cathedral in the center of St. Petersburg.

There are two options for the Euroroute R1: the first option is a route through the nature which avoids streets with much traffic but is not well suitable for cyclists with luggage. The second option is the route on the bicycle track of the Europe route E20 and later on country roads to Петергоф.

None of the routes to St. Petersburg are signposted as bicycle tracks. Cyrillic characters make orientation even more difficult and most natives do not speak English or German. Furthermore, the quality of the streets is often less than satisfactory. But this is Europe as well. And the fortress ruin Копоръе/Koporje, the park of the royal palace in Петергоф/Peterhof and St. Petersburg fully compensate the troubles.

It is recommended to prepare well for the overnight stays - even with a tent - in the Leningrad area.

There are suburban trains which run several times an hour between Петергоф/Peterhof and St. Petersburg. There, it is unproblematic to take a bicycle with you.

To arrive or depart in St. Petersburg you can take a ferry or go by plane.

Here you can find places to stay.
These were recommended to us by cyclists or we have used this yourself.

IS.RADWEG.     in Gostilitzy

IS.RADWEG.     in Peterhof

IS.RADWEG.     in St. Petersburg/Kirowskii

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