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The Euroroute R1 in Kaliningrad Area / Russia (191 kilometers)

Euroroute R1 Russia - Kaliningrader Gebiet

leads from border crossing Gronowo-Mamonowo on the old road "Reichsstraße 1" directly to the Kaliningrad Cathedral on the Kant island in the center of Kaliningrad. From the center following the Sowjetskiy Prospekt you reach the outskirts. There, a thin country road leads to seaside resort Svetlogorsk and later to Zelenogradsk. From here, there are 50 kilometers over the Curonian Spit to the border crossing to Lithuania.

Kaliningrad often unfolds to many visitors only at the second glance. Often, the knowledge of its history helps to enrich the stay in the city. The town scape and the always lively city center are a big contrast to the natural route coming next along the coast and through the Curonian Spit.

Since 2006, the Polish-Russian border crossing Gronowo-Mamonowo is unproblematic to pass. The times when cyclists were rejected because border guards defined them as pedestrians are over.

Unfortunately, it is not possible in the moment to arrive to or depart from Kaliningrad (with a bike) by train, ferry or an airplane.


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IS.RADWEG.    in Kaliningrad (city)

IS.RADWEG.    in Swetlogorsk/Rauschen

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